22 Marvelous Tiny Cabins That Are The Perfect Retreat

20+ Marvelous Tiny Cabins That Are The Perfect Retreat

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Some people want a big house, a fast car, and lots of money. Some people want a cabin in the woods away from those kinds of people. Is that sounds too unrealistic for you? Why don’t you have a look at my list of 20+ marvelous tiny cabins that are the perfect retreat to get some inspiration?

1. Romantic Chalet-Like Cabin in the Woods

Romantic Chalet-Like Cabin in the Woods
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Built of rain-screen cedar and solid rock siding for extra stability, this cozy bungalow in the woods is full of custom features, including a welcoming, fully functional tiny porch where you can enjoy the view.

2. Praise the Minimalism

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Similar to most of the tiny log cabins, this cute pine-and-cedar bungalow (on the picture above) is constructed atop a metal truck trailer. Can you believe it features a kitchen counter with a propane one-burner, a sleeping loft for 2 people, solar-powered lamps, a shower, composting toilet, and a sink?

3. Dreamy Cottage in the Alps

Dreamy Cottage in the Alps
Photo: Credit

Formerly a corn and crop barn, this small, two-floor cottage which, I bet, you would all acclaim as a romantic getaway, might be the best choice for your next vacation.

4. Tiny Backyard Home

Tiny Backyard Home
Photo: Credit

The blogger Megan Lea has made this petite backyard house out of reused materials. It looks remarkably cozy with that fireplace and comfy sofa…it might be hard to leave it, right?

5. Isolated Cedar Retreat

Isolated Cedar Retreat
Photo: Credit

The cedar wood perfectly contrasts with the blackboard and baton siding that surround the bay window of this tiny bungalow.

6. Bright and Cozy Tiny Home

Bright and Cozy Tiny Home
Photo: Credit

This little home comes complete with everything you will need for a proper holiday away from the office. The large windows let the natural light entering the bungalow which makes it more welcoming and cozy.

7. Thrilling Luxury Rectangular Cabin

Thrilling Luxury Rectangular Cabin
Photo: Credit

This might look like a tiny luxury cabin but it’s really a mobile Park Model RV. This amazing combo between contemporary and rustic features a bedroom, bathroom, and joined kitchen – living room area.

8. Charming Simple Cottage

Charming Simple Cottage
Photo: Credit

Most of the tiny house cabins attract with their simple and very practical design.

9. Hiding Deep in the Woods

Hiding Deep in the Woods
Photo: Credit

Far in the woods of Northern California, this primitive wooden bungalow is a great example of how to build a home with reclaimed wood and old windows from real ships.

10. Quaint Cabin in the Forest

Photo: Credit

One of the key ideas underlying in the concept of the tiny homes cabins is to live more sustainable. In this line of thinking, having more windows means more sunlight and lower electricity bills!

11. Rustic A-frame, Hand-built Cabin

Photo: Credit

There are so many things that make us easy to love the A-frame cabin, maybe for some A-frame can be an investment that can be marketed but for me probably because the shape of the A-frame rooftops is very beautiful to be photographed.

12. Squared Studio Cottage

Photo: Credit

Located deep in the forest of the Tyringham Valley, this tiny wooden studio is the perfect hideaway spot for every family. The large deck would fit up to 10 people so you can all freely enjoy the bird songs while sunbathing.

13. The Elf’s Hut

Photo: Credit

It might not offer the luxury the other tiny cabins do, however, it is a true escape from the stress of everyday life.

14. Ingeniousness is the Key

Ingeniousness is the Key
Photo: Credit

I’m thinking that resting in this extremely tiny but magnificent A-frame cabin would lend itself to beautiful A-Frame cabins you can be dreaming and the sense that you have just time-traveled to a different world.

15. Quaint Tiny Log Cabin

Quaint Tiny Log Cabin
Photo: Credit

This hand-built escape – limited on space, high on the charm – gives you the feeling for a substantial construction thanks to the solid wooden material used.

16. Romantic, Chalet-Like Tiny Home

Romantic, Chalet-Like Tiny Home
Photo: Credit

Handbuilt and designed with lots of passion, this tiny, chalet-style bungalow is nestled away in a lovely rural area but is still just seconds away from downtown Olympia, Washington so you can dive in the local culture and nightlife as well.

17. Teeny Tiny Timber Cabin

Teeny Tiny Timber Cabin
Photo: Credit

This lovely teeny tiny timber cabin features floor-to-ceiling wood paneling and large windows that let the sunlight entering the little space.

18. Contemporary Tree House

Contemporary Tree House
Photo: Credit

I love the tiny cabins in the woods, built around trees, which makes them look even more compact and unique…they won’t cost a fortune if you use reclaimed wood and other recycled materials.

19. Hawaiian Paradise

Hawaiian Paradise
Photo: Credit

This lively, colorful bungalow is the perfect choice for a summer home at the seaside. The straw roof provides enough shade so you won’t get burned while the deck is pretty spacious to enjoy a glass of Mojito.

20. The Petite Family Mansion

The Petite Family Mansion

21. Mediterranean Hideaway

Mediterranean Hideaway

This primitive, rustic nest offers everything needed but still keeps you away from the busy city life.

22. Alpine Style Tiny Cottage

Alpine Style Tiny Cottage

Quadratic in shape, this construction allows full usage of the available space. In order to minimize the irregularity to the landscape, a considerable part of the cabin is lifted above the ground.

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Depart from the city with a short rest on one of these exceptional and inspirational tiny green cabins. Or even building one of these for you and your family? This surely is a lot of people’s dream life.

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