28+ Stunning Tiny Log Cabin Design Ideas that Inspire

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Structures made of natural timbers certainly can make the place appealing to most. It lends a relaxing look. Thus, it’s really small wonder why most people would dream of a tiny log cabin that’s away from the bustle of city life and its pressures.

Whether meant to become a vacation home or just an additional structure in your yard, tiny log cabins definitely add allure to a specific space. If you plan on building one, might as well go and look over some tiny log cabin plans. I have to warn you though, there’s a lot of effort and cost involved in building even a small cabin. However, when you get to finish the cabin with your own hands, there’s fewer more satisfying feeling.

Now, check 28+ Stunning Tiny Log Cabin Design Ideas that Inspire. Enjoy !


If you’ve had considerable experience in woodworking, you might try your hands in building a tiny log cabin. It won’t be easy, but you sure would learn a lot from the process along the way. But before going ahead with the construction, might as well be acquainted with the things to consider in building a log cabin.

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