5 Expert Tips for Well-Designed Drapery

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​Drapery is an essential part of any room and is key to creating an elegant, sophisticated design, no matter the style.​ While seemingly simple, several factors must be considered to achieve a sucessful look, including placement, function, and material. To help with this design element, we turned to top interior designers to share with us their most important piece of advice for drapery.


5 Expert Tips for Well-Designed Drapery

1. Create the Illusion of Height

“Try to hang curtain rods as close to the ceiling as possible. This draws the eye up and helps emphasize verticality. If the top of the window is a few feet from the ceiling, fabricate a roman shade the same width as the window, including any frame, and outside mount the shade a few inches under the curtain rod. This will give the illusion that the window is taller and allows the maximum amount of natural light into the space.”

Gideon Mendelson, of Mendelson Group, Inc.

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