55+ Favourite Log Cabin Interior Design Ideas

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In recent years interior design magazines and editorial opinion pieces have sung the praises of the log cabin’s look and feel. Whereas so many modern interior trends cater to an unnatural pressure to look in-the-moment and of-the-moment, the log cabin stands alone and untouched, and what could be a bolder statement than that?

Considering the hectic times we live in, the log cabin’s enduring (and decidedly editorial) appeal should be of no surprise. Unaffected and yet somehow still sophisticated, a modern log cabin interior promises safety and reprieve from the howling wilderness outside, wherever you reside. Here is a place where warmth, friendship, and a piping hot mug of mountain-strong coffee is just a threshold away.

Enjoy ! 55+ Favourite Log Cabin Interior Design Ideas


Whether you are lucky enough to possess your own mountain retreat or are simply looking to incorporate the log cabin appeal into your home this season, there are countless ways to transform your space into nothing short of your own private summit.

Readers, please share with us in the comments below your favorite features and why!

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