A Noe Valley House Finds Pleasure in Bold Details

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When a Manhattan-based beauty executive decided to make the move to San Francisco, she enlisted the help of BAMO to bring out her personal style within a recently renovated Victorian home in the city’s Noe Valley neighborhood. Through mixing high-end investment pieces with affordable staples, BAMO designers Pamela Babey and Alan Deal created warm, interior environments that were both livable and luxurious, with deeply personal details.

The designers also encouraged the client to venture outside her comfort zone with playful bursts of color that lend individuality and originality to the space: for example, the marigold-hued sofa in the family room first overwhelmed her, before she grew to love how the vibrant sofa was visible from the other end of the hallway. “Sometimes I thought Alan was out of his mind, but a lot of those ideas ended up being my favorite parts of the house,” says the client. “I never could have imagined it would have turned out how it did.”

Read on to explore the subtly crafted home from BAMO.


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