Best DIY Halloween Ghosts!

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Halloween. That magical evening when gentle fall breezes tickle colorful leaves making them dance down the street while children in spooky costumes are outside bewitching their neighbors for tricks and treats. Inside, I’m watching Jamie Lee Curtis scream for her life in “Halloween” with all the lights off and candles in the window, pausing the movie only to answer the door for hungry visitors. For this year’s decorations, I made the best DIY Halloween Ghosts ever!  I’m joining my blogging friends for Celebrations of Home to usher in the spooky holiday! Be sure to visit their Halloween projects (links at end of post).

Best DIY Halloween Ghosts!

I first saw these ghosts in Country Living magazine a couple of years ago and have always had it in my mind to make them.


Best DIY Halloween Ghosts!Then I saw them again on Facebook about a week ago when my friend Michelle posted a picture after making them with her young daughter. I asked her for the instructions so I wouldn’t have to go dig out my past issue of Country Living.


Best DIY Halloween Ghosts!Supplies you’ll need to make the ghosts are cheesecloth, balloons, liquid starch, black felt, scissors, and a hot glue gun (or other type of glue).


Best DIY Halloween Ghosts!You’re going to drape the cheesecloth over the balloon, and you need a tower of sorts to allow the cloth to drape down.  Line your table with waxed paper before building your tower.  I used pillar candles I recently purchased for the base of my tower. Next comes a somewhat heavy glass to cradle the balloon. If you use a light glass, it will topple over when you drape the cheesecloth (I speak from experience!).


Best DIY Halloween Ghosts!Pour the liquid starch into a plastic container. Drape the cheesecloth over the balloon and cut the cloth long enough so that it will puddle at the bottom. Next, submerge the cheesecloth completely in the starch, then wring out the excess. You don’t want it too dry, but you don’t want the cloth dripping all over.


Best DIY Halloween Ghosts!Drape the cheesecloth over your balloon (I used 2 layers of cloth for each ghost), and arrange the ends in a pleasantly puddling manner. Allow the fabric to dry overnight. Then remove the cloth gently from the balloon – or simply pop the balloon. Cut out large eyes from black felt and hot glue onto the ghost.


Best DIY Halloween Ghosts!I arranged a few of the ghosts on the dining room buffet with leaves, candles, and little pumpkins.


Best DIY Halloween Ghosts!If you’re decorating with candles, make sure to keep them far enough away from the ghosts so they don’t catch on fire!


Best DIY Halloween Ghosts!I wasn’t home when my hubby first saw the ghosts. He sent me a text saying “Love the Ghosts!”  He hardly ever texts me so I know he really liked them.  These DIY Halloween Ghosts are so easy to make! I hope you’ll try them!

Best DIY Halloween Ghosts!

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