Butterfly Garland with Free Printable

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Warmer breezes are blowing and I can hear the songs of birds and the laughter of children flowing in through the open windows. How I love this time of year! Hubby and I took a long walk yesterday and he claimed that spring is his favorite season. When we got home I decided to bring a little springtime freshness indoors by creating a pretty butterfly garland.  You’ll find the butterfly template at the end of this post to download and create your own garland.

Butterfly Garland with Free PrintableTo make the butterfly garland, you just need decorative card stock paper and a stretch of lace, along with scissors and a pencil for tracing.


Butterfly Garland with Free PrintableYou can finish it in an hour or less, depending on how many butterflies you want.


Butterfly Garland with Free PrintableTo get started, print and cut out the butterfly templates. Trace them onto the card stock and cut them out. You’ll need 2-sided card stock paper because you’ll be able to see both sides of the butterflies.


Butterfly Garland with Free PrintableAfter cutting them out, fold the wings up just slightly. Don’t be afraid to mix and match colors and prints. If you buy the card stock paper in a bundled stack, they’ll already be color coordinated in complementary patterns.


Butterfly Garland with Free PrintablePoke a small hole in the middle of the butterflies, and then carefully push the lace through. Be sure not to make the holes too big or the butterflies won’t stay in place. If this happens, you can add a small dot of hot glue to keep the butterflies from falling.


Butterfly Garland with Free PrintableFinally, tie a loop at the top end, and knot the bottom end and hang it up!


Butterfly Garland with Free Printable

** Download the free butterfly template to make your own. **


Butterfly Garland with Free Printable

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