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Nothing tugs on my heart strings like a charming farmhouse that exudes beauty through its simplicity. It is, and will always be, my favorite type of house. Utilitarian in nature for the type of life the farmer leads, you won’t find fancy and elegant things. But what you will find is a peaceful beauty in everyday elements that are both functional and appealing. With great excitement I bring you Farmhouse 5540 … perhaps the best example of a blogger’s home that showcases traditional farmhouse style!

Charming Farmhouse Tour ~ Farmhouse 5540Here we see a corner of the kitchen and dining space. Megan embraces neutrals and natural woods … always a perfect pairing! Touches of black help ground the kitchen and dining space.


Charming Farmhouse Tour ~ Farmhouse 5540There’s loads of storage space in this white farmhouse kitchen and Megan keeps it warm with touches of wood. Bead board and white ironstone round out the farmhouse styling in this charming home.


Charming Farmhouse Tour ~ Farmhouse 5540More storage space with glass front cupboards … and you can see that modern amenities like the new refrigerator are available to make farmhouse style living comfortable and convenient.


Charming Farmhouse Tour ~ Farmhouse 5540Megan’s kitchen opens up into their family room, proving that older farmhouses aren’t just a warren of small rooms. Megan and her husband have put a lot of work into this beautiful home. I’m totally in love with the rustic wooden floors!


Charming Farmhouse Tour ~ Farmhouse 5540Not only are the floors rich and warm, but the ceilings have a charm all their own in Megan’s family room. Did you notice the charming light fixture and the beautiful bead board in this space?


Charming Farmhouse Tour ~ Farmhouse 5540Slipcovers, soft pillows and other textural elements add lots of warmth when decorating with neutrals.


Charming Farmhouse Tour ~ Farmhouse 5540Calming neutrals continue into the living room. Megan uses lots of natural fabrics to add interest to her charming farmhouse.  A simple hutch in the corner is flanked by cow lithographs.


Charming Farmhouse Tour ~ Farmhouse 5540Megan shares my love of white ironstone as evidenced in her dining room. One thing I love about older farmhouses is the big windows that let in plenty of natural sunlight.


Charming Farmhouse Tour ~ Farmhouse 5540Megan has a great eye for collecting vintage pieces which makes her charming farmhouse so very special. Honestly, I love every detail of her beautiful home dressed in neutrals and warm wood.


Charming Farmhouse Tour ~ Farmhouse 5540Moving into the bedrooms, Megan keeps the neutral color scheme providing an element of cohesiveness in her decorating. I love when your eye flows easily from room to room like it does here in Megan’s home.


Charming Farmhouse Tour ~ Farmhouse 5540Most farmhouses don’t have closets because back in the day, real estate taxes were based on the number of rooms and closets were considered a room. Megan’s home has plenty of cupboards and built-ins to meet the challenge of storage space in an older home.


Charming Farmhouse Tour ~ Farmhouse 5540Her son’s room adds a bit of color suited perfectly for a young boy. A charming quilt graces the foot of the bed while a ticking stripe comforter and grain sack pillow emphasize the appeal of farmhouse living.


Charming Farmhouse Tour ~ Farmhouse 5540Heading outside, simple wicker furniture is paired with a rustic garden bench and tin watering can.


Charming Farmhouse Tour ~ Farmhouse 5540So many wonderful details in Megan’s charming farmhouse! Just stepping onto her porch gives you the thrill of what awaits inside. Megan stays true to the period style of her home in each and every room. She has such a knack for bringing it all together and her love for home and family is evidenced throughout. Be sure to visit her blog at Farmhouse 5540 for additional inspiration!


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Charming Farmhouse Tour ~ Farmhouse 5540

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