Designer Jeff Andrews on Bringing Star Power to Every Room

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He was a dancer and a choreographer before he became an interior designer, so perhaps it was inevitable that Jeff Andrews would be embraced by Hollywood's show biz elite. In his first book,The New Glamour: Interiors with Star Quality, the Los Angeles-based designer shares his philosophy and practical advice on how to create rooms that blend high drama with soothing comfort.


Designer Jeff Andrews on Bringing Star Power to Every Room

A gold dress mannequin watches over the grand entry in Kris Jenner's house, an ode to old Hollywood. Photo: Grey Crawford

Glamour is achieved not only through extravagance, but also restraint. From the smallest details to the grandest gestures, from the mix of elements to the simplicity of selection. Glamour is a state of mind: living your life in a home that makes you happy, surrounded by things that bring you joy. All hand-picked, collected, and curated in the most original and beautiful ways. Creating beautiful homes that are well designed, comfortable, and reflective of the personalities of the people who live there is my goal as a designer. Through a generous mix of periods and styles, unexpected lighting, the use of color, texture, and pattern, as well as strong attention to detail, I take it one room at a time, always with my eye on the big picture, to create a home that is finished but with room to evolve with the people living in it. And yes, there is always glamour!

Designer Jeff Andrews on Bringing Star Power to Every Room

Expansive wall mirrors give the illusion of a larger space in the kitchen and dining area of a Los Angeles penthouse. Photo: Grey Crawford

Star quality is intangible—but when you have the "It" factor, it resonates on all levels. The same is true for interiors. When you’ve put together a scene so note-perfect, you can’t imagine it any other way, you’ve cast a mesmerizing, unforgettable spell that can be felt throughout your entire home. Each and every room should be sprinkled with a good dose of indelible design magic.

Designer Jeff Andrews on Bringing Star Power to Every Room

Natural materials—granite, reclaimed wood, and leather and linen—give a Lake Tahoe getaway an earthy aesthetic. Photo: Grey Crawford

Cinematographers rarely win praise for their close-cropped scenes alone. They take home Academy Awards for their expert combinations of close-ups and panoramas—it’s the mix that truly transfixes us. That level of continuity is just as key in design and requisite for making any house a home. When you look around a room, it should be captivating from every view, including curated compositions that reflect your life and style. It’s the combination of near and far, detail alongside bold forms, that tells your story and makes your interiors complete.


Designer Jeff Andrews on Bringing Star Power to Every Room

Beadboard ceilings, rattan counter stools, and 1920s light fixtures evoke a nautical feel in the kitchen of a Manhattan Beach weekend house. Photo: Grey Crawford

Hues that flow from room to room are key to making an entire home cohesive. A chic escape is created by balancing color, texture, and comfort. No one wants to enter his or her vacation home and be reminded of real-life stresses and strains, so it is important that the decor is a palpable departure from the norm. Every hue and surface in the common areas should combine to cast a calming, spa-like spell that’s a long way from ordinary. It’s all part of creating a separate world—one you adore so much, you can’t wait to return to it.

Designer Jeff Andrews on Bringing Star Power to Every Room

The outdoor dining area of a family home with a full kitchen and custom light fixtures by Paul Ferrante. Photo: Laura Hull

Comfort has as much to do with the way we feel as the way things look to the eye. Supply each space with warm details so guests always feel welcome, inside and out. These clients had asked for a flow that was seamless throughout, so I utilized a cohesive palette of buffs and browns, along with muted patterns and textures. Even the same countertop material—quartzite—appears both indoors, on the kitchen island, and outside, to unify the space.

Designer Jeff Andrews on Bringing Star Power to Every Room

Kourtney Kardashian requested an Alice in Wonderland interior, like the horizontal black and white stripes in her informal living room. Photo: Grey Crawford

In a colorful home, be selective about where you use graphic patterns and where you opt for calm, cool textures. This allows them to catch the eye but not overwhelm.  The key to creating a whimsical home is imbuing it with playful Seussian pieces, but tempering them with enough dignified colors and finishes that they’re not overwhelming.

Designer Jeff Andrews on Bringing Star Power to Every Room

The new book by Jeff Andrews, The New Glamour: Interiors with Star Quality, published by Rizzoli. 

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