Designer Robin Baron on Building an Authentic Brand

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With her design practice, furniture business, and various media appearances, designer Robin Baron is constantly pursuing new ideas and new projects. Despite her busyness, the designer has made it a priority to grow with gratitude. “Gratitude practice is critical,” she reflects. “You get through work and life by being grateful.” In an article originally appearing on Go Design Go, she reveals how she became an interior designer and how she crafted her personal brand.


Designer Robin Baron on Building an Authentic Brand

Baron is a born-and-raised New Yorker. She always knew she would be a designer. “I had two loves: fashion and interior design,” she says. “As a young girl, my parents had a cousin who helped with the interior design in their home, and I always put my two cents in, and I was always sketching clothing. I just knew my life was going to be a life as a designer.” But she had another love that wound its way into her everyday life: theatrics. “Just give me a mic and a camera, and I am happy.”

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