Designer Spotlight: Marie Burgos

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French interior designer Marie Burgos has a lot to say about living harmoniously. Between running a bicoastal design business and parenting full-time, Burgos has learned the necessity and joy in finding balance. It’s fitting that Burgos started in the industry studying "Feng shui," a system of creating the balance of energy and movement in a space. Stemming from her rich upbringing around art and nature, including her fascination with how environments affect our well being, Burgos enveloped elements of a harmonious lifestyle in her design firm and products. In a story originally seen on GoDesignGo, the designer tells her story the Feng shui way.


Designer Spotlight: Marie Burgos

(Left) Marie Burgos (Right) The ‘Milo’ chair and ottoman

“I’m French. I was born and raised in Paris. My family originated from the beautiful island of Martinique, which is in the French Caribbean." Burgos says that she, unfortunately, didn’t grow up in the Caribbean, but fortunately grew up in Paris and benefited from its culture and art scene. These two places are intrinsically a part of her. “In terms of my upbringing, I really got inspired by two kinds of aesthetics. On one side, the very chic architecture and fashion of Paris. And on the other, the nature and colors of the Caribbean,” she says.

Burgos started in business and marketing before entering food industry management, where she trained and managed teams in Luxemburg, France, and London for about seven years. When she first arrived in New York in 2002 with the company she was with at the time, part of her job was opening and managing stores, which included making spatial decisions. Many people looked to Burgos for creative direction, including for their own apartments. “I know I was one of the managers in the company who was about having impeccable uniforms, displays, color coding everything, having labels for everything, down to the aesthetics of things. How it looks, how it presents,” says Burgos.

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