Designing Outdoor Kitchens with Home Refinements by Julien

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In 2003, Home Refinements by Julien was created to bring the 70+ years of professional kitchen development of the Julien brand to residential owners. Best known for sleek, stainless steel creations for master chefs, Home Refinements by Julien is taking their act outdoors, bringing outdoor kitchens to an entirely new level of sophistication and technological excellence.


Designing Outdoor Kitchens with Home Refinements by Julien

Having stainless steel as a trademark material comes in handy when launching outdoor kitchen designs. Since it’s durable, corrosion resistant, and easy to maintain, stainless steel is perfect for the great outdoors. For people living in coastal areas, Home Refinements by Julien is able to upgrade the material to 316L grade stainless steel. Additionally, their cabinets are equipped with weather-resistant rubber seals to keep out water as well as insects, while their unique double back construction separates storage space from utilities to keep everything clean and dry.

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