DIY Fall Owl Magnets

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Happy Sunday and welcome to my latest little craft project.  I was at the craft store looking for something in particular when I spied the cutest little felt owl figures hanging from the shelf. They stopped me in my tracks and I thought, “What could I do with these?”  I decided they’d look cute on mini canvases and the thought occurred to me to turn them into easy, DIY Fall Owl Magnets.  For this project I’m joining the “Home for Fall” event hosted by Hometalk.

DIY Fall Owl MagnetsAs I was wandering through the craft store shopping for other items, I saw these adorable rectangular tins and instantly knew how charming they’d look with the little owl magnets on them.


DIY Fall Owl MagnetsMy daughter Bridget is due with her first child in early November and her nursery is a woodland theme. She loves owls (she even has an owl tattoo on her shoulder) so decided I’d give these to her for the baby’s room.


DIY Fall Owl MagnetsTo make these fun DIY Fall Owl Magnets you only need a few supplies: Mini canvases, felt stickers, watercolor paints, and magnetic tape; all from your local craft store.


DIY Fall Owl MagnetsPaint each canvas with watercolors and let dry. Then flip the canvas over and add a strip of magnetic tape to the back. It’s just like putting a piece of tape on it.


DIY Fall Owl MagnetsThen simply apply the felt stickers from the craft store and stick them to the painted canvas in pleasing patterns. If you’re not crafty, you’ll be able to make these with no problem!


DIY Fall Owl MagnetsI love the little owl faces with the crooked eyes. You could use any felt figure to make these. Santas and Elves would be cute for Christmas! To give the canvas magnets added dimension, I purposely positioned the felt stickers so parts of them extended beyond the canvas.


DIY Fall Owl MagnetsI also thought about turning these into a garland of sorts, instead of making magnets. That might have to be a project for another day! If you have children, they’ll love helping you make these!


DIY Fall Owl MagnetsAnd now for the Home for Fall event!

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DIY Fall Owl Magnets

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