DIY Hanging Snow Globes

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November is kind of an awkward month for bloggers.  We’ve got one foot in the Fall and Thanksgiving season, and another foot in the Christmas season. We try to showcase Christmas decor early to provide inspiration, kind of like the stores but we don’t start quite as early as they do!  Today I’m sharing DIY hanging snow globes that are ridiculously easy to make and look so pretty, too!  It’s part of today’s Celebrations of Home hop (you can visit the other participating bloggers via the links at the end of this post).

DIY Hanging Snow GlobesThe holidays can certainly feel rushed and pressured so I like to come up with easy Christmas decorating ideas. I’m sure you’ve seen snow globes made from mason jars. But these are made from hanging glass terrariums.


DIY Hanging Snow GlobesYou can find hanging globe terrariums at craft stores and online. Mine have hooks on the bottom to daisy chain them together. When creating my DIY hanging snow globes, I placed the globe in a small bowl for stability.


DIY Hanging Snow GlobesFill your hanging terrarium with kosher or epsom salt to represent snow.


DIY Hanging Snow GlobesThen start wedging your decorations into the snow.

If your hands are too big, you can use small tongs or tweezers to place items.


DIY Hanging Snow GlobesKeep adding items to your snow globe until you achieve the look you want.

Tie a festive ribbon or baker’s twine to the top of your globe for hanging.


DIY Hanging Snow GlobesThis DIY hanging snow globe simply has a trio of ornaments.


DIY Hanging Snow GlobesYou can add greenery or other embellishments to your globe, if desired.


DIY Hanging Snow GlobesIt’s so much fun choosing how to decorate your hanging snow globe.


DIY Hanging Snow GlobesThe possibilities are almost endless.

I think this little Old World Snowman globe is my favorite.


DIY Hanging Snow GlobesAnother idea for these DIY hanging snow globes is to simply add a tea light candle.

You can use the flameless style votive … I like the real thing though.


DIY Hanging Snow GlobesHang these snow globes around the house, or even from your Christmas tree!

If you like quick and easy at Christmas time, you’ll enjoy making these pretty ornaments.

Be sure to visit my blogging friends for more inspiration in our Christmas Celebrations of Home hop!

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DIY Hanging Snow Globes

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