DIY Lavender Lemon Spray

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Have you ever noticed how certain fragrances transport you to another place and time?  Cross the threshold into any bakery where cinnamon rolls are fresh out of the oven and you’re sure to flash back to a Saturday morning when mom was baking and you were impatiently waiting for sweet rolls while watching your favorite cartoons.  A new study suggests our noses can detect 1 trillion different scents! When spring rolls around, I prefer lighter scents like lemon or citrus, along with any floral scents. So the thought occurred to me to make a DIY Lavender Lemon Spray to use as an air freshener or a linen spray.

DIY Lavender Lemon SprayEssential oils are highly popular and I enjoy mixing fragrances to create a custom scent. The smell of lemon is invigorating and lifts the spirits … perfect for gray winter days.  The scent of lemon oil is also believed to alleviate depression.


DIY Lavender Lemon SprayI also love the fragrance of lavender, sometimes sprinkling a few drops of lavender essential oil into our heating ducts. Once the heat kicks in, the aroma of lavender fills the house. I’ve made Lavender Linen Spray before and love its calming effects.


DIY Lavender Lemon SprayI wanted my Lavender Lemon Spray to be more citrus-y than floral, so I used a greater portion of lemon essential oil. I chose Bulgarian lavender since it’s a bit more herbaceous and a little less floral than French lavender. The fragrance difference is rather slight and either of the lavender essential oils will work well for your homemade spray.  I like a slightly stronger scented spray, but you can adjust the amount of essential oil to weaken or strengthen the fragrance.


DIY Lavender Lemon SprayI love my custom mix of lavender and lemon. Glass bottles are better for oils than plastic ones, so keep that in mind when choosing your spray bottles. Use Lavender Lemon Spray to spritz clothes when ironing, pump a few sprays into the air in any room, or lightly spray the lavender-lemon fragrance on your bed sheets and pillows (allow to dry before settling in for the night). It only takes a few minutes to make Lavender Lemon Spray and you’ll enjoy the fragrant spray for weeks to come!


DIY Lavender Lemon Spray

1/4 cup distilled water
1/4 cup vodka
60 drops lemon essential oil
15 drops lavender essential oil

Pour the water and vodka into a spray bottle (preferably glass, but plastic will work). Add your drops of essential oil. Place cap on bottle and shake lightly for a few seconds. Let your bottled spray sit for a couple hours before using. Shake slightly in between uses.

DIY Lavender Lemon Spray

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