Easiest Fall Wreath Ever!

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Last night the temperature dove into the 40’s. In just a few days it will be back up in the 80’s. The Fall season in Chicagoland is often unpredictable. It might be snowing on Halloween … or it might be mildly warm. But one thing you can always count on is the beautiful colors of the trees as the leaves change. Shorter days signal the time to start decorating in warm colors and one of the first things I do is plant a few mums and swap out the front door adornment. This year, I made the easiest Fall wreath ever as I join a few fellow bloggers for Hospitality Filled Homes!

Easiest Fall Wreath Ever!

This year I wanted a natural looking wreath, something with burnt orange berries that resemble bittersweet. I love the look of bittersweet, but it’s a little overpriced so I don’t typically buy it.


Easiest Fall Wreath Ever!I found floral sprigs at the craft store that have a natural look to them and knew they’d made a great looking natural wreath for my front door.


Easiest Fall Wreath Ever!All you need to create this simple Fall wreath is a grapevine wreath, several floral sprigs, and a hot glue gun.


Easiest Fall Wreath Ever!Take the stem of your floral spray and carefully insert it into the loose weave of the grapevine wreath. You might find that the stem pokes back out of the grapevine wreath on another side.


Easiest Fall Wreath Ever!No biggie!  Simply bend the protruding stem and tuck its end back into the wreath.

It blends right in!


Easiest Fall Wreath Ever!Once the stem is tucked inside the grapevine wreath, carefully hot glue a few branches of your floral spray onto the wreath to keep it in place.  If you want to re-use the grapevine wreath form, you can use florist wire to attach a couple of the branches to the grapevine.


Easiest Fall Wreath Ever!Keep working your way around the grapevine wreath, attaching the floral sprays until the wreath is filled. You could also attach just one floral spray and leave the rest of the grapevine wreath exposed. That’s what I love about working with grapevine wreaths … they’re both functional and pretty.


Easiest Fall Wreath Ever!And in a matter of minutes, you have a new Fall wreath for your front door!


Easiest Fall Wreath Ever!While I was at the store buying supplies, I checked out the prices of the already made wreaths and was happy to see I’d saved half the price by doing it myself!


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Easiest Fall Wreath Ever!

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Easiest Fall Wreath Ever!

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