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One day I’m blogging about Fall, the next day it’s all about Christmas. Today we’re back to Fall … it’s that “what happened to Thanksgiving” time warp. I decided to add a bit more fall decor to the dining room for Thanksgiving, and this leaf art project is super quick and easy.

Fall Leaf ArtA collection of leaves from the forest preserve add just the right touch of fall color in this corner. It was simply a matter of pressing the leaves in a book, gluing them to sheet music, and adding them to a large board. If you don’t have access to real leaves, you can purchase leaves online or at the craft store.


Fall Leaf ArtI purposely let the edges of the paper curl up a bit to add dimension to the leaf art.


Fall Leaf ArtThis is the board I used to create my fall leaf art. I only temporarily covered it for this project because I love my map and didn’t want to ruin it.


Fall Leaf ArtAll I did was cut a piece of brown Kraft paper large enough to cover the map. I gently taped it on so it wouldn’t mar the map itself.


Fall Leaf ArtI gathered leaves from the forest preserve when hubby and I went for a recent walk. I pressed the leaves overnight and then added a thin layer of Mod Podge to the sheet music. I didn’t cover the entire sheet, just an area big enough for the leaf. With gentle fingers I pressed the leaves onto the sheet music. The leaves will be fragile so it’s important to work carefully.


Fall Leaf ArtOnce the Mod Podge dries, I coated the leaf and the entire sheet of paper with Mod Podge to preserve the leaf.


Fall Leaf ArtThen it was just a matter of taping the sheet music with leaves onto the brown Kraft paper. Once Thanksgiving is over, I’ll remove the Kraft paper and I’ll have my map back!


Fall Leaf ArtI’ll leave you with a photo of colorful leaves.

I love this beautiful season!


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Fall Leaf Art

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