Four Trends in Light Switch Design

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Sometimes it’s the small details that can make an impression—and at other times it’s the small details you want to remain subtle. Best known for their Invisible Lightswitch® as well as their more classic pieces in metal, Forbes & Lomax has been developing one-of-a-kind electrical accessories for over 30 years. We spoke with the company’s director, David Hopwood, about trends in the lines of light switches, dimmers, and more that they create.


Four Trends in Light Switch Design


"The Invisible Lightswitch® is probably what we’re best known for. Inspired by glass switches from the 1930s but modernized in acrylic, these are the perfect way to keep a wall design consistent. It looks terrible when the pattern of a beautiful wallpaper is interrupted with an ugly light switch plate. Some people try to wrap their wallpaper around switch plates, but the result is unsatisfactory and the paper gets dirty with fingerprints. The Invisible Lightswitch® solves that problem by allowing you to keep your wallpaper looking consistently beautiful underneath."

Four Trends in Light Switch Design


"Brass works well for both modern and traditional interiors. Designers often want variation in the types of brass they use for different projects, so we offer Unlacquered Brass and Aged Brass. Unlacquered Brass is supplied polished and will age over time—it’s particularly well suited for period buildings or spaces with a vintage look. Aged Brass is supplied with a beautiful patina already on it, giving each piece an antique look immediately upon installation. All of the brass finishes are flexible and can be polished to bring back some of the shine, so they can fit in environments that are rustic, historic, or modern."

Four Trends in Light Switch Design

Nickel Silver

"Nickel silver is naturally a popular choice for blending in with nickel bathroom fixtures, but it also has a warmer appearance than chrome, enabling it to sit well in both traditional and contemporary living spaces. Nickel first became popular in the 19th century due to its similarity to sterling silver, but today it’s sought after on its own. It’s an excellent choice for adding a touch of glamour from days gone by."

Four Trends in Light Switch Design


"For darker surroundings or on natural wall finishes, the Antique Bronze range is a popular choice. These switches, dimmers, and outlets have a dark oil rubbed bronze finish, which works well in both contemporary and traditional interiors. The outlets come with black inserts to complement the dark finish of the plates. We’ve seen them tie in well with everything from limestone walls to blackened steel doors and window frames."

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