How to Make Mason Jar Candles

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This week I’m celebrating Scents of the Season with some of my fellow bloggers! Each day we’re sharing a DIY project that celebrates the wonderful aromas of autumn, and I’m excited to share how to make mason jar candles! I have always wanted to make candles but truth be told, I was a big chicken about it. I thought it would be difficult and messy, but it was surprisingly easy and I can’t wait to make more! Following are the instructions for making your own mason jar candles.

How to Make Mason Jar CandlesIf you’ve been nervous to try your hand at candle making … don’t be!

I promise you it’s really not that difficult and the results are rewarding.


How to Make Mason Jar CandlesSupplies you’ll need include candle wax, dye, scented oil, wicks, thermometer, and mason jars.

Total cost of supplies was just under $20 – and I have leftover dye and wicks.


How to Make Mason Jar CandlesMelt your wax in a double boiler. I don’t have one so I set a small pan inside a larger one filled with water.

Allow the wax to completely melt over medium to medium high heat, until it reaches 180 degrees Fahrenheit.

Tip: Be sure to use a thermometer when making your candles.


How to Make Mason Jar CandlesRemove the melted wax from the heat and add 1/4 to 1/2 block of dye, stirring until dissolved.

Since I was using a cinnamon scent, I added red dye with a little bit of gold dye mixed in.

Allow the dyed wax to cool to 175 degrees and add scented oil, about .5 ounce for 2 lbs of wax. Mix well.

(Note: I like heavily scented candles and will probably double the dosage of scented oil next time.)


How to Make Mason Jar CandlesAllow wax to continue cooling to 120 degrees. While wax cools, arrange your wicks in the jars.

Wrap the top of the wick around a bamboo skewer or toothpick to hold the wick in place.

This will come in handy when you start pouring the wax and allows you to reposition, if needed.


How to Make Mason Jar CandlesI used a funnel to pour the wax from the pot into the mason jar.  Save about 1/2 cup of wax.

Leave room at the top of the jar so the wick extends above the wax but can be trimmed below the rim.

Tip: Place waxed or parchment paper under your mason jars to catch any spills.


How to Make Mason Jar CandlesAllow wax to cool about 30 to 45 minutes. The center will start to sag.

Poke holes near the wick to allow air bubbles to escape.


How to Make Mason Jar CandlesReheat remaining wax to 175 degrees and then pour it into the jars to level the tops.

Remember to leave space at the top of the jar for the wick to extend above the wax after trimming.

Allow candles to cool completely – about 6 hours – then trim the wicks.


How to Make Mason Jar CandlesHonestly, how to make mason jar candles is surprisingly easy!

Even the clean-up process wasn’t too bad.  The cinnamon scent reminds me of Fall!


How to Make Mason Jar CandlesYou can leave the jars plain or embellish them with lace, burlap, raffia, twine … whatever you have on hand.


How to Make Mason Jar CandlesHope you enjoyed my tutorial on how to make mason jar candles …

And I hope you’ll give it a try. The candles make great gifts!


How to Make Mason Jar Candles

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How to Make Mason Jar Candles

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How to Make Mason Jar Candles

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