How to Paint Pine Cones

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Pine cones are a great decorating resource because you can find them for free on the ground!

The only problem is, they’re always brown. So I thought, why not paint them?

You can easily customize pine cones with the paint color of your choice.

This post shows you how to paint pine cones … it’s so very easy!

How to Paint Pine ConesOnce your pine cones are painted and dried, pair them with other objects in a wooden bowl.

In no time you’ll have a pretty centerpiece or the makings of a simple vignette.


How to Paint Pine ConesI used two different colors – turquoise and white.

I twisted the pointed end of a bamboo skewer into the bottom of the pine cone.


How to Paint Pine ConesThe paint mixture is 3 parts paint and 2 parts water. Simply dunk the pine cone into the paint.

Remove it and shake off as much excess paint off the pine cone as you can.


How to Paint Pine ConesSet the pine cones out on waxed paper to dry overnight.  The pine cones will probably close up.

Whenever they get wet they tend to close, but don’t fear! You can force them back open.

Set your oven to its lowest temperature and place pine cones on a baking sheet on the center shelf.

Check the pine cones about every 30 minutes and once they’ve opened, remove them from the oven.


How to Paint Pine ConesI thought the white painted pine cones would look cute paired with Baby Boos.


How to Paint Pine ConesI piled them all into my wooden dough bowl for a Fall centerpiece.


How to Paint Pine ConesI threw in a few wine corks for good measure.

The Jenica Peak cork is from a bottle of Merlot, which is a very good red wine!


How to Paint Pine ConesI love the creamy color of the Baby Boos paired with the white of the pine cones.

And that’s how to paint pine cones … simply dunk and dry!


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How to Paint Pine Cones

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