Inside a Texture-Rich Home in Pelham, New York

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For an open-minded client in Pelham, New York, designer Joan Enger of J. Patryce Design created a soft-hued, textured environment that flowed with the stately atmosphere of the neighborhood. Before enlisting Enger, the client had tried her hand at updating her space, and had renovated the bathrooms and replaced the wood flooring, heating system, doors, and moldings. Decorating the home, however, overwhelmed her more than renovating it, and when a mutual acquaintance introduced her to Enger, they immediately hit it off.

Enger carefully outfitted the home with luxurious wallcoverings and a wealth of chic, personalized furnishings that suited the client’s needs. “The majority of the furnishings and rugs were custom, which allowed us to get really creative,” the designer says. Click through our slideshow to discover each room in the revamped, layered home.


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