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Today’s charming home tour is especially exciting for me because Susan’s house at Love of Home is the quintessential farm house. It’s the classic, roomy, old white house with a big front porch and plenty of beauty inside. And Susan herself is very down-to-earth and likable. So take a tour of her beautiful farmhouse with me. You’re gonna love what you see!

Love of Home ~ Charming Home TourCan’t you see yourself on that big front porch, savoring a glass of lemonade on a warm summer day? Note the details on the porch, from the railing to the trim at the top. Look closely and you’ll see the fish scale trim on the third level.


Love of Home ~ Charming Home TourStep inside and a unique wall quote tells you what this home and family are all about. This wall treatment really lends a personal touch to Susan’s entryway and home.


Love of Home ~ Charming Home TourThe living room is bright and cheery, with traditional furnishings. Bulls-eye trim (my favorite) hugs the windows and rich wood floors set the stage for a pretty room.


Love of Home ~ Charming Home TourIn the dining room, a pretty floral wallpaper lines the walls above the chair rail. Susan’s ironstone collection fills the white china cabinet, providing a nice contrast to the wallpaper.


Love of Home ~ Charming Home TourI love all the windows in Susan’s kitchen, with its impressive island, beautiful cabinets, and stunning counter tops. It’s the perfect kitchen!


Love of Home ~ Charming Home TourHere’s another view of Susan’s sunny kitchen. Love the wood floors and the drum pendant over the breakfast table.


Love of Home ~ Charming Home TourThe kitchen opens up into the spacious family room. In most farmhouses (especially older farmhouses) you’ll find a warren of rooms sectioned off from one another. Susan is lucky to have such an open floor plan in her home.


Love of Home ~ Charming Home TourMore bulls-eye trim graces Susan’s master bedroom with its beautiful metal bed. (You might remember when I recently wrote a post about my love for metal beds!)


Love of Home ~ Charming Home TourSusan’s guest bedroom has cute cottage appeal and would be a lovely place to spend the night!


Love of Home ~ Charming Home TourThe icing on the cake is Susan’s back porch. It’s spacious enough for both an eating area and a conversation area. You can almost hear that screen door slapping in the summer months as people go in and out.

I hope you’ve enjoyed Susan’s home as much as I do!  Visit her at Love of Home for more farmhouse inspiration!


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Love of Home ~ Charming Home Tour

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