New Sources And Inspirations on Dering Hall

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Dering Hall is constantly updating its site with additional brands and artisans, expanding our array of special items and custom designs–from standout furniture pieces that grab the eye to the subtle finishing details that enrich any room. Here are some of our newest members to inspire your imagination and make your latest design project even more special.65

New Sources And Inspirations on Dering Hall


Founded in 1983, Vaughan has become one of the world’s leading sources for decorative lighting, furniture, and accessories. Michael and Lucy Vaughan bring their artistic eye, discerning sense of style, and meticulous attention to every detail. Every product is designed in their in-house studio, and everying is made, assembled, or finished in Britain using the finest materials. The UK factory employs an outstanding team of engineers, craftspeople, and skilled workers, while also calling upon some of the best independent craft experts, from blacksmiths to makers of hand-blown crystal.

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