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Are you ready for another No-Sew Sunday? I’m joining my non-sewing bloggy friends for a round-up of easy summer projects!  For me, summer means play time … and play time means a fun, festive banner! I think you’ll love this little summer banner that you can put together in literally minutes!

No-Sew Summer BannerA fun banner is such an easy way to add color in any space.

Most people use them for parties, but I like them any day of the week!


No-Sew Summer BannerMix and match fabrics add whimsy, but you could easily keep them all the same too.


No-Sew Summer BannerThe first thing you want to do is choose your fabrics. I found these complementary swatches at Walmart for less than a dollar each, and I had plenty of fabric left over (so I’ll have to create another project with the scraps).


No-Sew Summer BannerCut a triangle pattern out of cardboard and trace onto your fabric. Use pinking shears to cut your triangles. The jagged edges will keep the fabric from fraying. I cut through several layers of fabric at once so I wouldn’t have to do a ton of cutting.


No-Sew Summer BannerThen all you do is hot glue the short edge of the triangles onto a stretch of ribbon. I used grosgrain ribbon. Leave a bit of length at the ends of your banner for tying it up.


No-Sew Summer BannerI found the perfect place to hang my no-sew summer banner!


No-Sew Summer BannerAll in all, it took me less than 30 minutes to make my festive summer banner.

Be sure to visit my blogging friends for their no-sew projects below!

No-Sew Summer Banner

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