Paper Butterfly Wall Art

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Decorating your home for the seasons can get real expensive, real fast. I’m always looking for creative ways to re-use items I already have on hand. If I think about it too much though, the ideas escape me. It’s when I have an unexpected thought that I walk away with something I like. Such was the case with Christmas decor that I turned into paper butterfly wall art just in time for spring.

Paper Butterfly Wall ArtThis project is so easy … even the highly craft-challenged individual can do this.


Paper Butterfly Wall ArtYou might remember my Let It Snow sign (which I found for half price) from my Christmas Home Tour. I decided to leave it up during the winter since it’s more about snow and less about Christmas. I like its rustic frame but spring is coming so it needs to go. Or does it?


Paper Butterfly Wall ArtI took the sign off the wall and measured a piece of brown Kraft paper to cover up its snowy message. I left as much of the white planks exposed as I possibly could. I used quality tape to attach the paper to the sign. Then it was just a matter of cutting butterflies from decorative card stock. You could also use patterned scrapbook paper.


Paper Butterfly Wall ArtI rearranged the butterflies before gluing them to the Kraft paper.

You can find a template for the butterflies in my Butterfly Garland post


Paper Butterfly Wall ArtOnce I had the butterflies in a pleasing pattern, I simply hot-glued them to the brown Kraft paper.


Paper Butterfly Wall ArtAnd that’s pretty much it! Super easy … and quick too.

You can download the butterfly template for free.


Paper Butterfly Wall ArtIn a few months, maybe I’ll swap the butterflies out for something else.  I’m just glad I didn’t have to buy something new to replace my “Let It Snow” sign.  Now I’ve got Paper Butterfly Wall Art instead!


Paper Butterfly Wall Art

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