Paper Mache Christmas Star Ornaments

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Are you prepared for Christmas?  It’s just 2 weeks away!  Although my house is decorated and ready for family on Christmas Day, I’m still working on a couple small projects for the holiday. Today I’m sharing how to make Christmas star ornaments from paper mache. The best part is that the stars are from the craft store and all you have to do is decorate them!

Paper Mache Christmas Star OrnamentsHang them from your Christmas tree or use them around the house in holiday vignettes.


Paper Mache Christmas Star OrnamentsWhen it comes to Christmas, I love anything glittery! This of course means that I get glitter all over the house. Sometimes I even get it on my face and it’s hard to remove.  And sometimes I’ll go out in public with a bit of glitter on my face because well … it’s the holiday season.


Paper Mache Christmas Star OrnamentsI made 2 different color stars for my holiday decorations.  Half are white and half are a bronze color.


Paper Mache Christmas Star OrnamentsI started with plain paper mache stars that you’ll find online or at your local craft store. I was so excited to find these for such a cheap price that I ended up clearing out the entire bin at the store!


Paper Mache Christmas Star OrnamentsUsing white chalk style paint, I painted half of them and left the others as is. You’ll need to either paint one side at a time and let each side dry, or you can paint both sides at the same time and hang them up to dry.


Paper Mache Christmas Star OrnamentsOnce the paint dried, I brushed on a thin coat of Mod Podge and then sprinkled them with glitter. Hang them up to dry from a piece of twine or string.  The star in front is unpainted, while the star in back is painted.


Paper Mache Christmas Star OrnamentsI paired the paper mache Christmas star ornaments with my bottle brush trees. I’d like to make more and add them to my frosted Christmas tree.


Paper Mache Christmas Star OrnamentsI’ve got a couple more paper mache Christmas projects coming your way next week!

Have you made any handmade ornaments this year?

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Paper Mache Christmas Star Ornaments

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