Rustic Twig Candles ~ Seasons of Home

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Crisp mornings, cozy sweaters, golden sunlight on colorful leaves … these are the signs of autumn … along with fallen Silver Maple branches cluttering our yard! We make a pile of all the twigs and branches and burn them in our fire pit for roasting marshmallows. And some of the twigs made their way into craft projects this fall, like the rustic twig candles I’m showing you today as part of the Seasons of Home – Autumn Edition tour that I’m joining with some of my highly talented blogging friends! You don’t want to miss their features which are listed at the end of this post.

Rustic Twig Candles ~ Seasons of Home

These rustic twig candles remind me of a campfire and I was quite proud of myself for putting our messy branches to good use. Plus I love the earthy, organic feel of the candles.


Rustic Twig Candles ~ Seasons of HomeOf course, since you’ve got a flame close to twigs, it’s a good idea to make sure you’re in the same room as the candles when they’re burning … just in case!  Although the glass does protect the twigs from the flame.


Rustic Twig Candles ~ Seasons of HomeI made three rustic twig candles, although I have enough branches to make many, many more! Silver Maples are a soft wood tree so anytime the wind blows, more branches come down.


Rustic Twig Candles ~ Seasons of HomeFor this project, you’ll need a couple of glass jar candles, skinny dry branches, pruners (to cut the branches), a hot glue gun, and some twine.  I started with pumpkin spice scented candles and cut the twigs so they’re slightly taller than the candle’s glass. I also cut them at varying lengths.


Rustic Twig Candles ~ Seasons of HomeThen it’s just a matter of gluing the twigs onto the candle’s glass. I found it was easier to apply a line of hot glue to the glass and pressing the twig onto the glass.


Rustic Twig Candles ~ Seasons of HomeOnce all the twigs are glued on, you could leave the candle as is. But I felt it needed a little something more.


Rustic Twig Candles ~ Seasons of HomeSo I simply wrapped twine around the candles a couple times and tied a cute little bow.


Rustic Twig Candles ~ Seasons of HomeI used thicker twine on the bigger candle. It had a nice curl to it.


Rustic Twig Candles ~ Seasons of Home

The rustic twig candles look cozy as night descends.  I might make a few more for gifts. I’ve got another twig project coming up that I’ll show you next week!  I’m on a mission to rid our yard of the messy branches!


Rustic Twig Candles ~ Seasons of HomeFor more fall inspiration, visit my blogging friends below. I promise you won’t be disappointed!

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Rustic Twig Candles ~ Seasons of Home

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