Studio Visit: Charles Loomis

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In this installment of our Studio Visit series, Charles Loomis walks us through the technological inspiration and process behind his brand's Capri Chandelier, a contemporary handmade lighting feature that is fully customizable. 


Studio Visit: Charles Loomis

Q: What inspired you to make the Capri Chandelier?

A: Recently, we purchased an abrasive waterjet. This enables us to cut any material to any profile. For me, it opened endless new design possibilities. The Capri Chandelier is my first design to take advantage of this technology — with many new designs to come.

Q: Did you see a void in the marketplace, or did you design it for a particular project and then realize that it had broader appeal?

A: There's always a market for good design. I try to address this by creating original lighting designs inspired by nature, art, and architecture that remain in demand and relevant for years to come.

Q: What is your favorite feature or detail of the chandelier? What makes it so special?

A: My favorite feature of the Capri Chandelier is the repetition of simple, two-dimensional elements that create a sophisticated three-dimensional form. The frosted glass elements can be fabricated in a variety of sizes, colors and materials.

Q: This chandelier really makes a statement. Ideally, how and where would you like to see it used?

A: Our customers specify and purchase lighting that becomes a defining element of their projects. The Capri was designed to be scaled for use in residential, hospitality and commercial installations.

Q: Are you able to offer customized versions?

A: We've manufactured custom lighting for 50 years — so yes. We offer the Capri in various shapes, sizes and materials and collaborate with designers to realize their vision for any changes they wish to make.


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