Studio Visit: Gabriel Scott

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In the latest installment of our Studio Visit series, Gabriel Kakon and Scott Richler of Gabriel Scott share about the inspiration behind the brand's WELLES Long Chandelier, which boasts interconnected geometric metallic shapes. 


Studio Visit: Gabriel Scott

Q: What inspired you to design the WELLES Long Chandelier? 

A: Tessellation and geometric jewelry (Scott has a background in jewelry design) were the guiding lines to the WELLES Series. The chandelier features a bold, yet delicate, silhouette—a combination that comes naturally to us due to both of our experiences in architecture.

Q: Did you see a void in the marketplace, or did you design it for a particular project and then realize that it had broader appeal?

A: Yes, the concept was driven by the need for custom-sized fixtures. The WELLES allows the ability to do so through its modular nature, without having to reengineer the fixture for each different order. Should a desired length or orientation be required, our production team will simply assemble accordingly. Architects and designer clients seem to truly appreciate the flexibility of this system, resulting in some impressive completed projects worldwide. 

Q: What is your favorite feature or detail of the chandelier? What makes it so special?

A: Its sculptural quality is definitely the signature feature of this piece. Hanging from very fine aircraft cable, the WELLES chandelier often seems to be completely floating in mid-air. When it's lit, it offers a warm and elegant cloud of light.
Q: The chandelier really makes a statement, so ideally, how and where would you like to see it used?

A: We are constantly impressed with how clients choose to incorporate the WELLES in their projects. At times, clients have incorporated it at a dramatic scale or length, or in an unusual orientation, such as a vertical drop through a winding 60-foot staircase. This was exactly the vision for the piece, so we continue to welcome more of these challenges and new contexts. 

Q: How does it coordinate with other items in your collection?

A: The WELLES fits in quite seamlessly in our collection through form and available finishes. But more particularly offers the same interplay of feminine and masculine as the rest of our collection, sharing qualities that are both elegant yet bold all at once. 
Q: Are you able to offer customized versions at all?

A: Yes, it's fully customizable.

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