Studio Visit: Thomas Cooper Studio

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In the latest installment of our Studio Visit series, Jason Kai Cooper and Sally Thomas Cooper of Thomas Cooper Studio share about the Mr. Tom Wall Sconce, featuring rough-hewn blades of hand-cast glass along with bands of striking metal.


Studio Visit: Thomas Cooper Studio

Q: What inspired you to design the Mr. Tom Wall Sconce?

A: Our friend Chip Tom is a marvelous curator and he came to us with a challenge: he loved our Mon Coeur fixture and wanted a sconce version that wasn’t quite so square and symmetrical. We grabbed a big hunk of the cast glass, started cutting, then gathered up the “sticks” and wrapped them in straps of metal. To us, these feel like little stacks of wood, lit from the inside as if on fire.

Q: Did you see a void in the marketplace, or did you design it for a particular project and then realize that it had broader appeal?

 A: We designed it for our design-savvy friend then realized it fits right in with the overall Thomas Cooper Studio aesthetic of sophisticated, organic form.

Q: What is your favorite feature or detail of the wall sconce? What makes it so special?

A: I love the juxtaposition of the rough-hewn blades of hand-cast glass captured with architectural bands of bronze or nickel. It's such a great mix of soft and hard, shadow and light.

Q: The wall sconce really makes a statement, so ideally, how and where would you like to see it used?

A: With the modern yet organic form, this piece has so many great potential applications. It can work in a sophisticated, modern home—think glass meets cool, luxurious natural stone. We also see it in a spare Soho or cool Downtown LA loft—imagine lines of brick with organic glass. It can even be used in a re-purposed Louisville distillery. Just picture organic glass on weathered wood!

Q: How does it coordinate with other items in your collection?

A: A true reflection of our aesthetic, Mr. Tom is the perfect mix of modern organic luxury. It reflects our love of the handmade process and the use of true materials. Always well-coordinated, snappy Mr. Tom is a natural fit with our other collections.

Q: Are you able to offer customized versions at all?

A: Absolutely! Our parent brand, Lusive, is well known in the design industry as a creator of custom decorative lighting for hotels, casinos, restaurants and high-end residences around the world, so custom is in our DNA. In fact, we just created a pair of custom, super tall Mr. Tom sconces in a custom metal for a New York client’s unique entryway. The design is stunning.

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