Studio Visit: Tuell + Reynolds

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In the latest installment of our Studio Visit series, Randy Tuell and Victoria Reynolds of Tuell + Reynolds open up about their Albion Table Lamp, inspired by scattered driftwood found in Northern California beaches. 


Studio Visit: Tuell + Reynolds

Q: What inspired you to design the Albion Table Lamp? 

A: We were inspired by scattered driftwood on nearby Northern California beaches. There is beauty in things that are left behind by the strength of the nature. Driftwood is made smooth and soft by constant tousling and agitation. Illuminating that endurance, in a material that will last many more decades, seemed an appropriate homage to the source of our inspiration.
Q: Did you see a void in the marketplace, or did you design it for a particular project and then realize that it had broader appeal?

A: We try to design pieces that appeal to us, our homes and our lifestyle. We surround ourselves with things that aren’t just beautiful but functional as well—handmade, but designed to last for decades or centuries. Our aesthetic is sometimes eclectic, but always mindful and purposeful. Rustic or industrial, come to mind, but neither paint exactly the right picture of our worlds. 
Q: What is your favorite feature or detail of the lamp? What makes it so special?

A: The texture! A mold was handcarved in wax to reflect the shape of the driftwood we collected. It was then cast in bronze, and hand-finished. Each step in the process, from envisioning to creating these lamps, has added a layer to the final texture.

Q: The table lamp really makes a statement, so ideally, how and where would you like to see it used?

A: We like seeing it used in entryways or as bedside lamps. Even though it is made of metal (a typically colder material), the shape gives it a softness that makes it a versatile piece in any room. We imagine it in a cozy entry with rich walls and pops of color incorporated into the other furnishings. It could also work in a serene bedroom with warm walls, soft neutral, textured upholstery and plenty of light and air. The Albion Table Lamp is a sculptural piece, so the more angles you can approach it from, the better.
Q: How does it coordinate with other items in your collection?

A: Because the majority of our line is fabricated in bronze and iron, in only four finish options, there are very few pieces in our collection that don't pair well. An Albion Table Lamp might be placed in a living room adjacent to a hearth dressed with our Montana Firetool Set. It might even be placed opposite a Muir Sideboard Cabinet for a more rustic arrangement. Bronze is our favorite rich neutral. 
Q: Are you able to offer customized versions at all?

A: We like to imagine it combined with other castings to create monumental scale lamps. Customizations are always a welcome option with our product line. 

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