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This stunning treehouse is nestled in seven branches of a tremendous silver maple tree and boasts sweeping views of the iconic Lake Chelan in Washington State. Our wonderful clients, Rick and Debbie, asked for a whimsical space where their family could admire the surrounding scenery, play, and relax together. With its charming turret, organic shape, golden cedar glow, and lovely landscaping this treehouse looks like it came to life from the pages of a fairytale!

This treehouse is a paradise for grownups and kids alike! A curved dining nook with wide windows, kitchenette, sleeping loft, and dual decks provide ample space for relaxation. For those who desire a little adventure, there’s a bouncy suspension bridge and trapdoor that lead to a giant, handcrafted net beneath the platform.

Rick and Debbie asked Pete to design the treehouse so that it looked like a natural extension of the tree. At the end of the build, Rick and Debbie created the artful landscaping at the treehouse’s base, using rocks from local mountains.

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Rick and Debbie’s treehouse looks like it naturally grew out of the silver maple tree!

Sturdy staircases lead up to the spacious deck. Pete fashioned the railings from western red cedar and used natural cedar branches as pickets. This gives the treehouse an elegant yet rustic vibe.

The incredible landscaping at the base of the treehouse was done by Rick and Debbie!

Inspired by dream-catchers, hammocks, and spiderwebs, these sturdy nets provide a fun play/lounge area for kids and adults alike. Rick and Debbie asked Pete to include this special hangout space for their grandkids.

The joinery in the turreted dining nook is remarkable; despite the turret’s unique elliptical shape, every wood connection is seamless. The crew custom fabricated the windows to fit the curve of the turret. This space is almost completely devoid of hard angles and straight lines, giving the treehouse a fantastical, whimsical look.

Branches of the silver maple poke through the main deck, allowing visitors to admire the tree’s beauty up close. Pete’s friend Eric Sutherland built the custom driftwood furniture for the deck.

Pete hired a talented craftsperson named Mike to lay the cedar shingles for the roof – Mike deftly used an old-fashioned technique to weave the shingles over each other, creating a waterproof and beautiful surface.

Pete and his crew had the most amazing time building for Rick and Debbie. We wish them many years of happiness in their treehouse!

Image Source: Nelson Treehouse

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