Wall Art from Paper Bags

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Farmhouse style is my favorite home decor because it’s so practical and pretty. This fall and winter I’ve decided to add more farmhouse elements to our home … mostly in the form of farm animals. As I was unsuccessfully combing the store for farm-y wall decor, I spied a couple of decorative Kraft paper bags with a goat and llama on them.

Wall Art from Paper Bags

I thought to myself, “why can’t they make decorative prints like these paper bags?”

And then it dawned on me to make my own!


Wall Art from Paper BagsI purchased both of the farm animal Kraft bags at World Market, along with a couple of burlap canvases painted white from the local craft store, and some heavy twine. I knew in my head what I wanted my new wall art to look like.


Wall Art from Paper Bags

I cut the fronts off of the paper bags and then carefully removed the handles. They’re just hot-glued on so it was easy to take the handle off without ripping the bag.


Wall Art from Paper BagsI then carefully tore the edges around the animal heads so the prints would have a more rustic look. I then applied Mod Podge to the back of the paper bag and carefully adhered the print to the burlap canvas. The canvases from Hobby Lobby were already painted white, which gives a matted frame look to the wall art.


Wall Art from Paper BagsAfter letting the Mod Podge dry, I added a stretch of heavy twine to the top of the canvases to hang my farm animal wall art. I knotted each end of the twine, and then hot-glued the knotted ends to the burlap canvas.


Wall Art from Paper BagsAfter letting the hot glue dry, which doesn’t take very long, the fun part of creating a farmhouse vignette began!


Wall Art from Paper BagsI liked the red colors in the farm animal prints and gathered a bouquet of farm fresh flowers to accentuate the red.


Wall Art from Paper BagsOur local farm market sells bunches of fresh flowers for just $4 a bundle.


Wall Art from Paper BagsLucky for me, I found a couple of small farm friends at the vintage store down the street.


Wall Art from Paper BagsI brought home an adorable sheep and pig to add to my new farmhouse vignette.


Wall Art from Paper BagsThis reminded me of my sister’s college roommate who had an obsession with pigs. She collected every statue she found, and would stop the car if there were pigs out in the field.  Funny … for a little while after college, my sister and her hubby raised pigs on their farm!  Too bad she was no longer in touch with her former college pig-lovin’ friend.


Wall Art from Paper BagsIs it just me or does the pig have a sinister look in his eyes?


Wall Art from Paper BagsEven the sheep looks a little miffed.


Wall Art from Paper BagsNext time you’re in the store admiring the cute Kraft paper gift bags, think about turning them into simple wall art for your home. You can apply them to burlap canvas like I did, or simply cut out the front of the bag and frame it!

Now I’m in search of something with a cow on it!


Wall Art from Paper Bags

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